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The Soul Alchemist Journal

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About the Journal

The Soul Alchemist Journal is a collaboration between Author and Spiritual Psychotherapist Tiffany Lazic (The Hive and Grove ) and Artist Esther Sanchez.

Experience your life in Full Bloom!

The creation of The Soul Alchemist Journal is the result of the desire to find the perfect journal to explore the inner landscape of Essence expression. Not just a place to keep track of what is going on in one's day-to-day world, but a cherished transformational tool that both receives one's personal self-reflection and guides towards ever deepening authentic self-discovery. Crafted in alignment with seasonal cycles, The Soul Alchemist Journal invites engagement with the archetypal energies that underpin an eight-fold approach to the year.  

*Daily Personal Reflection prompts from the published work The Great Work: Self-Knowledge and Healing Through the Wheel of the Year are used with the permission of Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd.

Tiffany and Esther have more projects in the works under the name Gilded Peacock. Follow us on Instagram 

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