Animal Magic Oracle Cards by Esther Sanchez


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"Esther’s energy, adventure and passion shines through in these MAGICAL Animal Oracle Cards. My business has been selling the deck for 3 months now and my clients (and children) love the messages, artwork and simplicity of using them.  They are a wonderful way to start the day and be guided. I personally find that whenever my head starts to get “busy” I remember my message for the day to get me back on track. I am so grateful that Esther and I have re-connected, that Seven Circles healing now has another way to share divine messages with others, that my family and I are able to use them when we need Animal Magic in our Life. So grateful for Freebird Market!" 
~ In Love & Light, Nancy JO 

"As a classroom teacher, I have integrated the Animal Magic Oracle cards into our daily whole-class meditations. Each time, a different student pulls a card and we take time to appreciate the artwork while we share what we know about the animal: How does it live? What lessons might we learn from it’s strengths and habits? Following this, the students close their eyes, take a deep breath, and listen to the oracle guide. We’ve made our way through about half of the deck now, and the students can’t get enough! They can predict the lessons and mantras from each animal, and naturally reflect and connect their own experiences to the magical animals!" 
Aaron Downey - school teacher, Milan, Italy 

"I was waiting with beating heart for Esther to release her Animal Magic deck. I identify so very much with messages from animals and nature. Spirit will often send me animals in my meditations and dreams and I have always been so intrigued by their meaning and goodness in our lives. The art that Esther gives to us through these cards and the messages are so divine and deep. Every time I use them they speak directly to my soul. I am so thankful for her and the amazing work she gives to this world."
~ Samantha Klein - Healing Mentor and Essential Oil Intuitive with 

"I use my Animal Magic Oracle Cards every morning to help keep me grounded - they provide a daily reminder of what I need to focus my energies on and help keep me centred on what's important. When I first purchased the cards, I pulled the Otter card 4 days in a row! It was a very stressful time in my life - dealing with the stress of work, children, the death of a parent.  The Otter card was a sign that I needed to slow down and enjoy life - laugh with my children and get back to my inner child and have some fun! The artwork is simply stunning; with each card's meaning being articulated to offer support and guidance. I absolutely love them!" 
~ Lindsay 

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The Glass Garden children's book by Esther Sanchez

"My kids and I adore the book The Glass Garden. I can't decide what is more beautiful, the lesson or the illustrations! Such a joy to read a story to your children that encourages them to embrace and love who they are."

~ Andrea, school teacher 

"What a great book! Great illustrations and a wonderful message! Can easily be linked to primary social studies curriculum--making it a great book for any class library."

~ Katherine, school teacher

"Great book for any young boy or girl. Almost every time my son goes to bed or nap time he always asks for the "Garden" book. The reason I write this is he usually hates the same book so close together. He must love the illustration or story or both. The Glass Garden is beautifully illustrated and written. Perfect for a nice calming bedtime story. I have bought three copies to give to friends children.You will understand the title once you read the story. Buy it now!" 

~ Kevin Hester, dad