The Noble Art by Tiffany Lazic

The Noble Art by Tiffany Lazic

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Enjoy $5 off and receive a signed copy of Tiffany Lazic's latest book, The Noble Art: From Shadow to Essence Through the Wheel of the Year

The Noble Art provides alchemical, spiritual, and psychological tools for reclaiming your essence through the stages and seasons of life. Each spoke of the wheel of the year represents an opportunity for transformation. Author Tiffany Lazic provides meditations, inner workings, and rituals that invite you to drop into the inner landscape of your unconscious and restore your light. Explore how Hermetic principles can be utilized to reflect your highest potential. Engage powerful rituals for planting seeds of intention and overcoming shame and emotional blocks. This book also offers recommendations for stones, chakras, and affirmations that deepen your healing work and further support the transmutation of shadow into light.

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