I Pulled A Card for You!


Imagine seeing the world from a dog’s perspective: greeting people throughout your life journey with happy acceptance, unbridled optimism and a keen understanding. We often hear of dogs that have been mistreated, yet they still wag their tails when someone shows them kindness.

Dog urges you to approach life with a positive outlook – but not at the expense of your mental well-being. Take note of the difference between being nice and being a pushover. If you have been mistreated, give yourself time to recover from your wounds. With continued self-love and support, you can move past your pain and step forward with hope and optimism.

Dog also tells you to trust your intuition. If something doesn’t smell right, it probably isn’t. Practice listening to your intuition. When your choices are aligned with your life goals, it is much easier to face life with a positive outlook.

Be loyal to yourself and approach life with a sense of optimism.

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