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The creation of The Soul Alchemist Journal is the result of the desire to find the perfect journal to explore the inner landscape of Essence expression. Not just a place to keep track of what is going on in one's day-to-day world, but a cherished transformational tool that both receives one's personal self-reflection and guides towards ever deepening authentic self-discovery. Crafted in alignment with seasonal cycles, The Soul Alchemist Journal invites engagement with the archetypal energies that underpin an eight-fold approach to the year.  

Journal co-creator Tiffany Lazic presents a carefully laid out map for personal inquiry day-by-day, season-by-season. Through her work as a psychotherapist, she witnessed how we often reflect in our own inner inquiry and self-exploration similar themes that are playing out in the world around us. We feel excitement at new potential in the Spring. We feel the tug of old grief in the Fall. The energies we experience in seasonal cycles affect us. We carry them within us. 


The 8 Cycles 

The archetypal energies of the eight-fold seasonal fall beautifully into 6 week Cycles.

  •  Cycle One: Roots and Foundations (December 21 - January 31)
  •  Cycle Two: Gifts From the Inner Child (February 1 - March 14)
  •  Cycle Three: Nurturing Empowerment (March 22 - May 2)
  •  Cycle Four: Union and Partnerships (May 3 - June 13)
  •  Cycle Five: Shining Truth and Creativity (June 21 - August 1)
  •  Cycle Six: Visioning Self (August 2 - September 12)
  •  Cycle Seven: Effects of Gratitude on Life Purpose (September 20 - October 31)
  •  Cycle Eight: Healing from Loss (November 1 - December 12)

 These Cycles offer the opportunity for holistic self-inquiry, as the Soul Alchemist is guided to explore the archetypal energies through the various reflections such as Elemental, Active, Alchemical, Energetic, and Intuitive.

 The Moon Phase Weeks

However, the 6 week approach leaves an additional 4 weeks that allow for a week's pause and assessment after every two Cycles. 

  •  Waxing Moon: Innocence and Opening (March 15 - 21)
  •  Full Moon: Fullness and Fruition (June 14 - 20)
  •  Waning Moon: Experience and Community (September 13 - 19)
  •  Dark Moon: Rest and Respite (December 13 - 19)

These Moon reflection weeks invite taking the time to acknowledge the power and the process of change and growth itself.

The Extra Day

Many ancient or esoteric systems allow for one day that serves as a "time out of time". It is the day that serves as the portal out of the old and into the new. As such, it stands outside of the time of both.

  • Pause and Integration (December 20)

The Journal

  • 365 days of journalling with daily question prompts
  • Intention Pages to ground you as you visualize your next 6 weeks
  • Reflection Pages to look back on the cycle that has just passed
  • 4 Moon Cycle reflection pages

Weekdays and year have been intentionally left out so you can pick it up at any time.


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